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Date: 29th September 2015
TS-5513 Wireless Socket Plug controlled by app


1.superheterodyne receiver circuit --- the first factory in China using of a superheterodyne receiver circuit, the radio signal reception is very stable, remote distance and sensitivity are not influenced by climate and other factors, which are super-regenerative receiver circuit other similar products can not do it;

2.Digital coding --- imported digital IC chip encoding process does not produce the phenomenon of mutual control, and anti-interference ability;

3.Easy installation --- no need to make changes to the existing electrical appliances, will plug in, you can achieve remote control of appliances;

4.remote control through wall--- Wireless farther distance remote control through wall (in the living room remote control lamps);

5.The transmitter use the 7th ordinary batteries, 12V battery compared with a easy to buy, easier to install, long service life. (Can be equipped with alarm host joint use)

6.DIY your favorite, Create Scene,Scheduling,Auto Home/Auto Away